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Remove karmic blockages and find your life’s purpose in the Indian Palm Leaf Library.

100% Money back guarantee if your leaf is not found.

Reveal The Direction Of Your Life Through The Indian Palm Leaf Reading

100% Money back guarantee if your leaf is not found.

The Palm Leaf Reading helps you to understand about...








Career & Business


Guidance for your SPIRITUAL path.

How to overcome OBSTACLES.

Finding your right partner and improving your RELATIONSHIP.

How to improve FAMILY relations.

Understanding HEALTH issues.

Improve your finances.

Understand and transform your KARMA.

Find the right path for you.

Find the right path for you.

Dive into Process - Find Your Palm Leaf

The search for your Palm Leaf is a intricate process that involves many steps and people. Embrace its beauty, the love and care involved, and the cosmic forces that brought you to this moment in your life and spiritual journey.

The Rishis

Enlightened Masters who could see through time, wrote our future life stories on palm leaves millenias ago.


To initiate the search for your palm leaf, all that’s necessary is the imprint of your thumb, gender, and your country of birth.

The Search

Based on ypour thumbprint patter, bundles of palm leaves are chose in the palm leaf library.

The Matching

During the live Zoom call, your personal palm leaf is identified from the chosen bundles.

The Reading

After your palm leaf has been identified, the predictions for your life will be read to you during the zoom call.


The palm leaf also contains remedies, which are recommendations how you can transform karmic blockages.

Exploring the Process of Finding Your Palm Leaf

Find your Palm Leaf

We are fascinated by the palm leaves and spend years studying the magical world behind them. We have visited countless palm leaf libraries and readers. It is our honor to help you to find your palm leaf and to work with the ancient wisdom of the Rishis.

100%  Money back guarantee if your leaf is not found.

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Here from real seekers and learn how the palm leaf reading has positively impacted their lives.

Meet our team

Stephan Laxman

Founder of my Palm Leaf

Saba Sundar & Swami Sundar

Translator– Palm Leaf Reader






German translator


German translator


Russian translator


English Moderator


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Japanese Transaltor


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Frequently Asked Question

Answer to your most  Common Queston

General Question :

A palm leaf reading is not just a prediction of your future; it is a transformative process that can help to remove karmic blockages and enable you to live a more fulfilling life. After the reading, many people have reported feeling a greater sense of clarity and trust in themselves and in life.

The process begins when you first hear about the palm leaves and feel called to find your leaf, and it can continue long after the reading ends. According to legend, the Rishis, who wrote the palm leaves, are still present in the subtle dimensions and support humanity.

Having your palm leaf reading can help you connect with these timeless masters and bring their blessings and support into your life.

Your palm leaf will describe your life starting from the day of the reading until the end of your life. It covers major aspects of life, such as relationships, career, family, health, and spirituality, and identifies any karmic blockages that you may be facing. You will also receive recommendations on how to transform these challenges and lead a more fulfilling life.

The reading takes place on a live Zoom call and typically lasts between 2-3 hours, including the matching process, in which your palm leaf is identified. You will meet with a palm leaf reader, a translator from Tamil to English, and a moderator from us or a translator to another language if needed.

Yes, it is possible that your leaf may not be found. If this occurs, we will book up to two additional appointments (three in total). If we are still unable to locate your leaf after three attempts, you will receive a full refund of your payment. If this happens, we recommend trying again in a few months.

According to legend, the palm leaves were written several millennia ago by the Rishis, a group of sages who were believed to possess higher levels of consciousness and wisdom than modern-day humans. They had the ability to process vast amounts of information and were believed to live for hundreds to thousands of years. The Rishis recorded the destinies of individuals on palm leaves using a unique script known as Vatteluttu, and these palm leaves were then passed down through generations.

The cost for the entire process is €295 in English and €345 with translation into another language. This includes the search for palm leaf bundles based on your thumbprint pattern, the palm leaf reading in a Zoom call with a

The library where you will have your reading is located in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. The palm leaf readers have undergone extensive training for many years, and many of them have inherited the art of reading the leaves from their fathers and ancestors.

No, it is important to note that the predictions made during the reading are not guaranteed to come true. The palm leaves describe your future life path based on your karma and energy on the day of the reading. The palm leaves are a spiritual tool that can help you change your karma and the direction of your life for the better. Based on the experiences and feedback we have received, we can say that the predictions come true around 80% of the time.

Yes, the palm leaves may mention certain time periods when it is likely that you might pass away. However, it is important to remember that the palm leaves are not 100% fixed and are actually a tool to help you change your future. If you do not wish to hear about when you may pass away, you can inform the translator at the beginning of the reading, and they will exclude this information.

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